Interpreting Services

Interpreting services

Abacus Translations collaborates with professional and highly qualifies interpreters in the more requested languages both in Australia and abroad.

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Abacus Translations currently offers services in these field of interpreting:

  • Telephone Interpreting: this can be pre-arranged or conducted on an urgent basis and consists of a   qualified interpreter helping communicate in many different situations.    
  • Business Interpreting:  used during business meetings, or to accompany a foreign delegation on a business trip.
  • Consecutive Interpreting:  this type of interpreting is commonly used at formal events, when one or two short addresses are translated into one or perhaps more languages for a smaller number of participants.
  • Chuchotage or Whispered Interpreting:  this technique consists of whispering the translation of a speech in someone's ear.
  • Simultaneous Interpreting: a technique that is mostly used at large scale conferences; simultaneous   interpreting consists of two or more interpreters working in turns and   relieving each other at set intervals. Interpreters usually use electronic or   digital aids to convey messages to delegates wearing ear pieces.    

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Interpreting Services in Australia

Interpreting services in Sydney


     If you   need an interpreter or interpreting services in Sydney, we have a very strong   presence in the most populated city in Australia.     Give us a call.

Interpreting services in Melbourne


     Abacus   Translations can offer you an interpreter in Melbourne for either personal or   business reasons    

Interpreting services in Canberra


     The   home of the Federal Government also represents an important hub for Abacus   Translations     Give us a call to discuss the need for interpreting services in Canberra.

Interpreting services in Brisbane


If you are looking for an interpreter in Brisbane, look no further! Contact Abacus Translations for a free quote for interpreting services in Brisbane!

Interpreting services in Adelaide


The fast development of South Australia is requiring more and more interpreting services in Adelaide. Contact us for  more information.

Interpreting services in Gold Coast


We also offer interpreting services in Gold Coast for both public and private entities. You just need to send us an email to know more.

Interpreting services in Darwin


Abacus Translations is able to help you with providing you with interpreting services in Darwin. Make sure to give us a call for more info.

Interpreting services in Perth


We also have a presence in Western Australia where we can offer you interpreting services in Perth, Call us for more info.

Interpreting services in Hobart


Abacus Translations can also offer you an interpreter in Hobart. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information,

Interpreting services in Cairns


For a business meeting or an official function, Abacus Translation can offer you an interpreting service in Cairns.

Interpreting services in Australia and abroad


We can offer interpreting services Australia wide and also take overseas trips if necessary in order to assist  you in all your business needs. Give us a call and we will be happy to advise you accordingly.

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