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Our Language Pairs

At Abacus Translations we offer services in more than 70 languages and we are always expanding! From the most commonly used languages, such as English and French, to the more exotic ones, such as Hindi or Malay. 

We always strive to give particular attention to the languages that may help Australian enterprises abroad: Chinese, Russian and Portuguese to name a few. 

Our translators are all native speakers of the destination language and always try to deliver a message that is as close as possible in meaning to the original. 

The entire process is managed with great attention to the clients and their needs.

To see a complete list of all of our language pairs, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

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Our Languages

Translations in English


Because it's the most widespread language in the world, it's natural that a lot of the work that we do at Abacus Translations is done in English. All of our translators have passed rigorous tests so that we are able to provide the highest quality translations in English.    

Translations in Italian


Abacus Translations also puts a strong emphasis on Italian, our own native language. Not only can we provide translation in Italian, but also interpreting services either remotely or on site in all major Australian cities.

Translations in French


One of the sexiest sounding languages on earth, French also plays a major role in the world of business and diplomacy. We offer translations in French for every need. Feel free to contact us at anytime to obtain a free quote.    

Translations in German


This language block produces the largest share of GDP in Europe so it's easy to   understand why German is one of the leading languages at Abacus Translations. Make sure you get in touch with us for all your German translation needs.    

Translations in Spanish


Spoken   by 360 million people, Spanish is a language on the rise. Our team of native translators will provide you with the highest quality translation in Spanish. Contact us for a   free quote!

Translations in Russian


With an economy that is developing at a very fast pace, Russia represents an opportunity for all businesses trying to discover new markets. The team at Abacus Translations can assist you with all of your Russian translations. 

Translations in Chinese


Do you need faster and better communication with your Chinese business partners? You have come to the right place. At Abacus Translations, we can assist you with all your Chinese translation needs.

Translations in Urdu


Spoken by more than 200 million people, Urdu is a language on the rise. Do not hesitate to contact us should you require any Urdu translations. 

Translations in Hindi


Hindi is spoken by more than 500 million people and is now more than ever a language of great importance. Chat with our experts for all you Hindi   translation needs. 

Translations in Portuguese


Spoken both in Portugal and in Brazil, Portuguese has always played a very important role in the international linguistic panorama. We can certainly help you close that deal by offering you the best possible translations in Portuguese.

Translations in Greek


With such a large population with Greek heritage, this Mediterranean language is always in high demand in the market. Contact Abacus Translations for all your translations in Greek.

Translations in Arabic


With over 420 million speakers, Arabic is certainly one of the most widely-spoken   languages in the world. The team at Abacus Translations can help  with all your translations in Arabic.

Translations in Japanese


Thanks to its relatively close geographical position, Japan represents an important business partner for the Australian market. Give us a call to discuss your Japanese translation needs.

Translations in Malay


Another language on the rise with 170 million speakers, Malay is becoming more and more used. Abacus Translations delivers outstanding support for all your translations in Malay.

Translations in Korean


Korean is also among the languages in the portfolio of Abacus Translations. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to have information with regards to your translations in Korean.

Translations in Turk


Another well established  community in Australia is the Turkish one. Abacus Translations offers fast and reliable translations in Turk. Contact us straight away.

Translations in Tagalog


A community of almost 250.000 people speaks Tagalog in Australia today. Abacus Translations can help anyone in need of translations in Tagalog.

Translations in Thai


Want to expand your business in Thailand or have some business documents to translate? Abacus Traduzioni can help you with all your Thai translations needs! Give us a call and we will be happy to assist.

The complete list of languages

  1. Translations in English
  2. Translations in Italian
  3. Translations in French
  4. Translations in German
  5. Translations in Chinese
  6. Translations in in Hindi
  7. Translations in Spanish
  8. Translations in Russian
  9. Translations in Arabic
  10. Translations in Czech
  11. Translations in Slovak
  12. Translations in Portuguese
  13. Translations in Indonesian
  14. Translations in Polish
  15. Translations in Punjabi
  16. Translations in Korean
  17. Translations in Vietnamese
  18. Translations in Thai
  19. Translations in Cambodian
  20. Translations in Tagalog
  21. Translations in Turk
  22. Translations in Tamil
  23. Translations in Swahili
  24. Translations in Ukraine
  25. Translations in Bangla
  26. Translations in Javanese
  27. Translations in Marathi
  28. Translations in Persian
  29. Translations in Gujarati
  30. Translations in Pashto
  31. Translations in Malayalam
  32. Translations in Catalan
  33. Translations in Hebrew
  34. Translations in Finnish
  35. Translations in Danish
  36. Translations in Norwegian
  37. Translations in Finnish
  38. Translations in Swedish
  39. Translations in Icelandic
  40. Translations in Armenian
  41. Translations in Baluchi
  42. Translations in Hungarian
  43. Translations in Rajasthani
  44. Translations in Greek
  45. Translations in Somali
  46. Translations in Singalese
  47. Translations in Nepalese
  48. Translations in Khmer
  49. Translations in Serb
  50. Translations in Macedonian
  51. Translations in Albanese
  52. Translations in Malgasc
  53. Translations in Sindi
  54. Translations in Marwari
  55. Translations in Uzbec
  56. Translations in Azero
  57. Translations in Curd
  58. Translations in Birmanian
  59. Translations in Wu
  60. Translations in Yue
  61. Translations in Min-Nan
  62. Translations in Bohjpuri
  63. Translations in Kannada
  64. Translations in Oriya
  65. Translations in Hakka
  66. Translations in Hausa
  67. Translations in Fula
  68. Translations in Gan
  69. Translations in Yoruba
  70. Translations in Igbo
  71. Translations in Cebuano
  72. Translations in Zhuang
  73. Translations in Rangpuri


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